Durango Boot is a competitive, non-contact sport that makes use of a flying disc (known popularly by the trademark Frisbee), somewhat similar to Ultimate. The name Durango comes from the fact that the sport was first played in Durango, Colorado. The first players used boots to mark the field, so "Boot" was added to the name.


The game is played by two teams on a field with two cones set close together at either end. It is optimally played with three players on each side. A disc is flipped, heads or tails is called, and the winner starts on offense. The objective of the offense is to try to get into position to knock over a cone. If the player fails to complete a throw, or a stall count of 6 is reached, it is a turnover. The thrower does not need to be marked for the stall count to occur.

On a turnover, the defense becomes the offense, but has to take the disc to the "take-back zone" before they can attempt to score.

Games are generally played to 3 points, with three games in a series.


Both offense and defense require an amazing amount of strategy. It's a very heady game. Below is the very basic strategy, but there's lots more to learn as you play.

The basic offensive strategy is to create 2-on-1's and then take advantage of them with very quick give-and-go's. Because there is only one defender trying to defend two cones, one cone will be open. However, if the 2-on-1 becomes a 2-on-2 because the middle defender hustles back, that end of the field should be abandoned and you should try to create a 2-on-1 to the other end of the field. It's almost impossible to score on 2 defenders because they can each defend one cone. Under no circumstances should you bring in the third offensive player to help because when you turn the disc over (either by a turnover or a score), you'll have no one back to defend the cones at the other end of the field.

A zone defense is the most effective defense. One player acts as goalie at each end and one person plays the "take-back zone. The main objective is to stop the 2-on-1 and that's primarily the responsibility of the middle defender. Once two offensive players start moving the disc towards one end, the middle defender needs to move with them to help out his goalie, but he has to be careful not to over-commit or the offense will reverse direction and have a 2-on-1 in the other direction.

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