CSU San Marcos

!!! WARNING: This game is no longer active, and was moved to Camp Pendleton !!!

Type of Team Pickup; co-ed
Cal State San Marcos — Mangrum Track/Field. Park across the street at Blockbuster/CVS/Ralph's.
Game Notes
We play one game (until the stadium lights go out) on a larger than normal field. Please bring a black and white tshirt so we can easily define teams. Make sure to bring plenty of water, as there is no drinking fountain close by. Stall 10. Even though the level of play is very competitive, there are no drawn out plays (no stack, defensive schemes, etc.). It is suggested to bring cleats as well.
Jason Froelich — moc.liamg|orfyaJ#moc.liamg|orfyaJ — 760-331-3997
Web Site
Facebook Group: CSU Ultimate Frisbee
The level of play is competitive with the majority of players in good physical shape. This is mainly a 21-27 age group, however all ages and levels of play are welcome!
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