Legacy League
Type of Team Legacy League; co-ed

Who: San Diego Legacy
What: Ultimate Frisbee League to sponsor San Diego Legacy Club Team
When: Fall League starts October 26, 2014, 1:00pm Sunday first game and second game starts at 2:30pm
Where: NTC Park Liberty Station, Point Loma (Roosevelt and Cushing)
How: 8 teams, 10 weeks, includes 3 weeks of playoffs - $35 per person includes Legacy jersey by FIVE Ultimate (Captains: We need sizes of jerseys for each member of your team)
Roster: We are allowing as many people on the roster as you would like.

  • Please get your team name and roster to Katie no later than October 15, 2014
Email: gro.ycagelogeidnas|eugael#gro.ycagelogeidnas|eugael phone: 917-428-1007
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