Type of Team Pickup; co-ed
When Sunday 4 pm (Time change. 3/2018)
This game is played at the Unversity City High School, 6949 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA 92122.

Nobel community park is our back up field. There are 3 fields in UCHS. We will use the upper grass field next to the baseball field in the corner. There is a small parking lot next to the baseball field. Go behind the school and drive up the ramp to reach the parking lot.

Game Notes
"People who are very advanced and cannot bring their game down to the level where it's fun for
beginners will likely not have much fun." — Alan
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Commentary Pretty casual; some people wear sneakers instead of cleats.

"This game was originally conceived as a means to introduce people to the game of ultimate…learning how to throw, basic rules of the game, etc.
As such, depending on the collective mood of the people who attend, we may play box, boot (an odd but fun game involving the whacking of cones with discs), or Ultimate (with varying degrees of adherence to sidelines, stall counts, and other rules)." — Alan

Depending on the number of people show up, we may start with a game of boot.
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